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For over 50 years, Vi-Cas Manufacturing Company has produced high-quality vacuum and suction cups, rollers, gripper rubbers, and other standard and custom products. In addition to manufacturing services, our family-owned and -operated company also has capabilities for design, prototyping, reverse engineering, roller conditioning, and more to offer comprehensive services to clients in diverse industries. Our domestic and international customers range from aerospace and food processing operations to packaging and general industry companies.

In the printing industry, our extensive product line is particularly well-suited to material handling applications. Learn more about the product solutions we offer, their typical applications in the printing sector, and how Vi-Cas Manufacturing can help develop and produce cups and rollers tailored to your needs.

Products for the Printing Industry

Our products facilitate the movement of materials in printing operations. Suction cups, for example, are capable of approximately 80 to 85 cycles per minute. They’re ideal for picking up paper and cardboard, moving it into position, and releasing it onto equipment for printing. These cups are also capable of helping fold materials and transferring printed materials down the production line. Our rollers, alternately, play a part in the conveyors for printing operations.

Additional Vi-Cas Manufacturing products for the printing industry include:

  • Vacuum cups
  • Rubber cups
  • Cup adapters
  • Grabbers
  • Gripper rubbers

Our vacuum cups and related accessories are compatible with an array of printing equipment brands, such as Harris, Kluge, Universal, Miller, Heidelberg, Miehle, Sheridan, Little Giant, and A. B. Dick. We have product options suitable for light, medium, and heavy stock.

Applications for Cups, Rollers, and Grabbers

Our suction and vacuum cups, rollers, and grabbers for the printing industry fulfill material handling tasks. They’re compatible with a wide array of applications, which include:

  • Lifting
  • Picking
  • Sealing
  • Box making
  • Conveying
  • Feeding
  • Collating
  • Sorting
  • Gathering

With over 23,000 standard products in our catalog and the ability to design and manufacture custom vacuum cups, rollers, or related accessories, Vi-Cas Manufacturing has the solution to fit your particular application or challenge.

Materials We Use

At Vi-Cas Manufacturing, we work with three main material options:

  • Silicone
  • Urethane
  • Vinyl

When selecting the right material for your application, it’s important to think about the environmental conditions the cups and rollers will be exposed to. For example, consider whether or not these products will be part of high-heat applications, and for how many uses you need the product to maintain its integrity.

Silicone and urethane, in particular, are advantageous in the printing industry due to their chemical resistance. They can withstand the various chemicals with which suction cups for this sector might come into contact.

Design Process and Customization

Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers designing, prototyping, and manufacturing services out of our facility in Ohio. All of our services are focused on optimizing functionality while staying within your budget. 

At the design stage, our team can work with customer-supplied 2D and 3D drawings to build out a mold for your custom product if you already have a design in mind, or we’ll help you troubleshoot to find the best solution for your application. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We can customize our cups and other products as needed, adapting them based on your requirements. Our team can modify our current designs to enhance efficiency, change functionality, vary thickness or stiffness, switch product color, and much more.

We have in-depth experience creating our products in unique sizes and shapes to accommodate virtually any need, and we’ll create your custom product per your exact specifications. Also, if you require a cup that’s not currently available on the market, our team also has the capability to duplicate existing products. Once you’ve approved your design, we offer prototyping capabilities to help you ensure proper fit and performance prior to full-scale production.

Printing Industry Product Solutions From Vi-Cas Manufacturing

Applicable for everything from contact lenses to bacon to airplane wings, our suction cups, rollers, grabbers, and related products are high-quality material handling solutions for widespread industries. We provide our products in run sizes from a single prototype to high-volume production, all with on-time delivery. In addition to our commitment to quality, our customers turn to us for our product availability and reasonable pricing, areas in which we excel. 

To learn more about our solutions for the printing industry or our production capabilities, contact us today.

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