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Vacuum Cups in the Aerospace Industry

At Vi-Cas Mfg Company, we specialize in custom vacuum cup solutions, with an extensive catalog of cups, rollers, adapters, and related accessories. Our team can handle orders ranging from a single prototype to large production runs, using vinyl, urethane, and silicone to create lasting products for competitive prices.

Our high-performance vacuum cups have applications in diverse industries, ranging from aerospace and electronics to food production and manufacturing. They facilitate packaging, printing, material handling, and general manufacturing and industrial tasks for domestic and international clients. Continue reading to learn more about how our vacuum cups have helped clients in the aerospace industry.

Why Aerospace Clients Turn to Vi-Cas Mfg

Like most of our customers, our aerospace clients are often looking for better part availability, pricing, and functionality. Operating out of our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have the capability to create our products per client specifications in the unique sizes and shapes their applications require, typically at a lower cost than our competitors.

To meet clients’ diverse needs, regardless of industry, we offer a wide selection of cups as part of our extensive catalog. Our products are available in varying shapes, heights, lip diameters, and mounting stem inner diameters, with and without threads. They also have varying lifting capacities to give clients versatile options to fit their applications. Our offerings include:

  • Round vacuum cups
  • Oval vacuum cups
  • Super grabber cups
  • Soap cups
  • Rubber cups
  • Plastic suction cups
  • Cup adapters

The aerospace sector specifically uses our vacuum cups to safely lift and move aircraft parts and other components. Such parts are typically quite expensive, and vacuum cups provide a non-destructive way to handle aerospace products without damaging them as compared to other clamping options. Components for this field can also be extremely heavy, and our vacuum cups have the lifting capacity to meet the industry’s weight demands.

Vi-Cas Mfg Solutions

When faced with a challenge, our team will first determine a way to make one of our cups work for a client’s specific application. To help one of our aerospace clients, our team built a mold necessary for creating custom cups. The company required a cup with edging of differing shapes. One edge had to be rounded, another beveled, and another angled. We can hand-pour cups as well as use an injection molding process to expedite production once the mold is ready. The custom cup received a new part number in our system, adding to our catalog of over 23,300 products and making the cup available for future orders.

As a result of the customized vacuum cups that we’ve created for clients in the aerospace sector, they were able to carry out operations more efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing for faster turn times as well.

Contact Vi-Cas Mfg for Quality Vacuum Cups

At Vi-Cas Mfg, we can make micro-adjustments to our products to provide the best fit or function, and we can change the shape, material, durometer, and more to meet your needs. We also offer free product samples so that you can ensure you have the ideal cup for your application with the optimal fit before you place your order. Many of our vacuum cups and related products are compatible with A. B. Dick, Harris, Heidelberg, Kluge, Little Giant, Miehle, Miller, Sheridan, and Universal equipment.

Contact us today for more information about our vacuum cups and related accessories, or visit our online catalog to find the right cup for your application.