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Rollers for the Cardboard Processing Industry

At Vi-Cas Manufacturing Company, we specialize in the production of high-quality vacuum cups, rollers, and related accessories for diverse industries. One of the applications of our rollers is cardboard processing and sorting. Read on to learn how rollers from Vi-Cas Manufacturing help support cardboard processing machines for our clients.

Our Clients in Cardboard Processing

We work with clients who build the machines that make cardboard boxes and dividers for big-name fulfillment companies with high-volume shipping operations. Such box-making machinery can benefit from our durable rollers. Corrugators and related equipment use rollers for applications such as feeding material, pressing paper, shaping flutes, and applying adhesive in corrugated cardboard box production.

The Challenges Our Clients Come to Us to Address

Our clients typically turn to Vi-Cas Manufacturing for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Availability. Companies come to us if they can’t find a standard roller that fits their particular specifications or application requirements. Additionally, when clients run into trouble with supply chain issues or parts that are out of stock elsewhere, our team can help as we have the capability to duplicate parts.
  • Cost. When we manufacture our rollers, our team puts an emphasis on affordability. We can work with you to develop a product that best suits your needs at prices that often beat those of our competitors.
  • One-size-fits-all solutions. At Vi-Cas Manufacturing, we understand that standard products aren’t always the answer. That’s why we offer over 23,300 different parts for optimal versatility, and more importantly, we’re happy to modify our products to provide the ideal fit, form, and function for your unique application. Our customization capabilities set us apart from the competition.

The Vi-Cas Manufacturing Solution

We design and produce our rollers by hand per our clients’ specifications and customization requests. Vi-Cas Manufacturing has an extensive product line available, given that our rollers are applicable to virtually any type of equipment that utilizes a conveyor. For this market, we can create:

  • Soft cushion rollers
  • Firm rollers
  • Drive rollers
  • Finned rollers
  • Solid rollers
  • Heat-resistant rollers
  • Rollers with bearings
  • Rollers without bearings
  • Static rollers
  • Bumpers

We typically utilize polyurethane for our rollers, taking advantage of the material’s resistance to water, grease, abrasion, tearing, impact, and high temperatures to give our products a long life span. We can provide rollers in varying sizes, thicknesses, and lengths, with a stud or a shaft mounting style. Our team can make modifications to the durometer and flex, and we can achieve components with tight tolerances due to investing half a million dollars in Mazak computer numerical control (CNC) machines. We even offer free samples so that you can ensure the roller you choose is the optimal choice for your needs prior to placing your order.

Vi-Cas Manufacturing: Your Partner for High-Performance Rollers

For nearly half a century, Vi-Cas Manufacturing has been providing high-quality products, friendly customer service, and on-time deliveries to clients across the globe. We have the capacity to fulfill both low- and high-volume production requests, and we offer solutions for manufacturing, printing, material handling, conveying, and packaging applications.

Contact us today for more information about our rollers and related accessories for the cardboard processing market, or browse our online catalog to find the right product for your operation.